Thursday, September 17, 2009

letters and pictures

I found my father's letters from his sisters and brother and nephew in Germany. All are in German, and most are in a spidery old style handwriting that is unreadable by us moderns. I have no German, so the chance that I can decipher anything at all is too slim to mention.
I did have a friend who speaks German well look at some of them, and he struggled but got little out of them. I have resorted to creating a catalog and sorting by year and combining with pictures from the same year, but I guess that the content may well remain a mystery. It is sad in a way, especially since they were written to the US from Germany in the late 20's through the 60's and might have some interesting stories to tell.
That said, they may also be dull as dishwater, but they make for interesting photos..

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nadine said...

hmm. . . i may have help.

Stitching with Schnauzer and Siamese said...

I too may be able to help you, if you want to contact me......
Best wishes

Jim FitzGerald said...

Funny seeing this. I have to old valises filled with correspondence between my mom and dad during WWII. I really should dive into them, but the thought of sorting chronologically, then getting everything in the right order... a little daunting. Maybe there's a book idea: Letters From History.