Sunday, June 3, 2012

I have told you before.....

I have previously talked about how smart I think Sienna is.  Well, I have to tell this story my way, the pictures come at the end.  Dog toys are pains in the butt.  No matter how many of the same toy you get, the dog in question always prefers the one in the other dog's mouth.  Regardless, I bought 2 of each of these toys.  One is red and can be filled with peanut butter (be still my heart if I am a dog) and the other is bright purple and has a squeaker!!!! and the squeaker seems to be permanent.  (As a human I don't quite believe that, but it has held up so far for 3 weeks.  That is 3 weeks longer than any other squeaker toy yet distributed.)

SO, there were 4 toys, 2 of each.  Then, despite me crawling under furniture and moving cushions and looking everywhere, there were 2 of one, and 1 on another, then only 2 total, then only one lone red one, much to my dismay.  I looked everywhere I could think of, no luck.  I began to believe that Tinta had, in an unobserved moment actually managed to eat them, though I knew that was impossible, especially because her unobserved moments are fleeting at best.

Last night when I went to bed, something red then something purple caught my eye.....

This was definitely Sienna at her most clever.  She can get up on the bed.  Tinta has yet to accomplish that, and she is tethered to me when she is out of her crate, so I know she was not involved in this.

Sienna has hidden all the toys of "high value" in the windowsill behind my bed.  Since she sleeps in the bed, she can look at them when she wakes up and I guess lick them when I am asleep. 

I haven't decided what to do about this yet.  At the moment they are where she put them, though I will probably dig them out and see what happens next.

the secret life of dogs
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