Thursday, April 18, 2013

Spring has arrived

I decided that I needed a little spring inside the house too, since it is finally appearing outside.  There were originally some paper roses here but they had exceeded their expiration dates.

So now there are great big fat something or others.  Maybe they are poppies on steroids?  I just like the colors and they DO make a splash.

AND, if you get up close you will recognize the centers of the flowers as something Gill commented on the other day.  Nothing goes to waste, right?
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Monday, April 15, 2013

UK Visitors make for a very busy weekend

Gill is doing an admirable job of documenting the trip and the things we have all seen, and eaten and walked around, through, under and over this weekend.  So I will just add a few bits and pieces she may have missed.  Though she only missed them by not being present or by taking a different view!

This was in my subway last night as I staggered home... I guess if you are a golden sweeper you get to take a break now and then from sweeping gold?

and some of us have little gold-green jellies on our feet and they obviously make us march right along.

But some of us have to carry extra shoes because we have to break in the new ones, or our feet, somehow!  So ... our purses are filled with trendy boots that we really love and are going to break in SOMEHOW!!!
When we get to the artsy stores, we go straight to the place where they keep the things that we already have WAY TOO MANY of, just in case there are some we have missed ....

And when we do take similar pictures to the ones Gill is taking we take them from different angles...
The boaters were out in force in Central Park but we did not add to their numbers
nor did we play with balls in the Sheep Meadow, though if she had been willing to part with it we might have tossed it back.

Meanwhile, my canine children are attending boot camp in Brooklyn, about which more later... For a much better look at what we did, Gill covers all the bases.
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Monday, April 1, 2013


I wanted a journal to just play in, and I saw this book .. Walls Notebook and I thought that it looked like fun.  I have started with stencils, since that is the new trendy way to decorate walls.  I found this little car in some pictures I took at a British Car Rally in New York back in 2008,  I know I have at least one reader who can probably tell me what make of car it is, so I will await your comment to learn that...

I turned it into a stencil and ended up with this......

I can see what things I might have done differently, but hey!  it is the first one, and I had FUN doing it, so that is for sure worth it.  Now I am going to ponder another one...
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