Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Black and White Class...

As I said yesterday, I am taking a class from Jane Davies.  It is the third online class that I have taken from her and I have learned a lot from each of them.  What is great about her classes that I have not seen in other online classes that I have taken is that she comments on every single thing posted in the class space and the posts are thoughtful and helpful, not just "attagirls".  She has a structure for the class and it moves you through a series of steps and you end up knowing more than when you started. I know I said similar things yesterday, but I decided that some people might only look at today, so Jane gets two posts... VBG!

SO, these are a couple of the class products. Nothing is ever finished that is done to meet the class requirements, but a couple of the things I did this time I found interesting, so here they are.  The class is totally Black and White.  The BEST class was 100 drawings on cheap paper, which was SO much fun I would almost take it again.. still might.  This one was shorter and more structured and really focused on the process of making black and white abstracts.

Thursday, August 10, 2017


I've been over on Instagram a bunch and it's like a quick fix drug. Makes it harder to do a thoughtful post here, I just put up a cat or dog post and I'm good. But I'm going to be here more with my journal entries as soon as I make some!

I've been working through some online classes,  one with Jane Davies that is GREAT!  I'm doing her black and white abstract class and she is teaching me so much. I have taken a couple of her classes and the best part is that she never let's you slide by. If you do the work she gives you thoughtful evaluations and suggestions and never lets you phone it in.

Try it!