Thursday, July 28, 2011

ok, so I am taking a class this week

However, Gill is documenting it much better than I am. As a matter of fact if you want your life to be examined carefully and artfully and to be able to understand what your life is doing day to day... call her and get her to document it FOR you. It is a wondrous experience.

I, on the other hand, do quick shots of food. Or of potential food...

I do shots of Madison Park Fountains after we ate. (Gill documented the food too, so if you want to see my life go look at her blog and envy me.)

I did take a picture of Echo....

Unfortunately for me, Gill went to her hotel and I TRIED to go home via the Columbus Circle Subway stop. Seems there was an "unattended package" in the center of Columbus Circle behind the Columbus Column. That meant that ALL of Columbus Circle was closed to everyone, and a man in a protective suit was marching across the street as I got there.

Added a bit to my trip home, and I am QUITE sure that if Gill had been there she would have interviewed the police and they would have been posing for pictures and letting her try on the protective gear. Me? they just said lady, you can't just stand there, you have to move one way or another......

One of the pitfalls to having Gill document your life is that you get used to it and expect her to be there all the time. Sigh...

I DO promise a couple of pictures of my results by the end, but if you want insight into what I am doing, see Gill.
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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I can't believe I never published this

I can only find one 'holgaized' version of it so I wanted to put this up because of a class I am going to take next week. It is a "real" photo, printed in a darkroom on photo paper from a negative I created digitally from a photo of my mother taken in 1937, me maybe 11 or 12 years later when I was about 4 and a wall I found in Brooklyn several years ago. It is one of those photos I can't get quite right but also can't get out of my head.
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