Sunday, November 22, 2015

Journal 4 Cover

The covers were blank, and ended up looking like this:

Front Cover

Back Cover with a quote from F. Scott Fitzgerald that I love to look at.  The last line of The Great Gatsby.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Journal 4 Last two pages

These were the last two pages in Journal 4

The background were some Appalachain Trail maps that had elevation lines drawn on them.  That was the background on the left and I added a bigger MOO card separation.

The right side was a last MOO card separation and I wanted to leave the background print visible.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Journal 4 Pages 21 and 22

This "Before" gave me a problem by not matching until I realized this was the other side of the place where I removed the small page.   So, you will have to imagine that the little page with the red squares is not there. 

Another separated MOO card started this page out. 

And this was the other side.   I struggled with wanting to make the space behind the figure darker.  I wanted her to be walking into the light, but maybe it needs a darker space behind it despite the "story" I see here...

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Journal 4, Pages 19 and 20

Lots of dark colors here to use,

This was another MOO card separation on the left, but I do like what I did there better.  The integration is a bit more effective to my eye.  It is from a photo I took years ago of the Coney Island Wonder Wheel, and the woman on the right small insert page is from an article I tore out years ago from somewhere about suffragettes.

The flip side is not so compelling, I think I got seduced by the idea of the Central Park map, when I cut away all but the paths inside the park and the water bits, I HAD to use them, maybe not! But there they are.  And the insert page is just there..

Monday, November 16, 2015

Journal 4 Pages 17 - 18

This book was the last one I made from the leftover prints, and I think there were more plain vanilla pages in it than in the other 3.  It is interesting that I really did find this book to be a struggle. It wasn't a quick book by any means and a lot of these pages are heavy with glue and more glue.

I have been pondering it a while, as I haven't yet got a "next book" going.

This set of pages are really an example of how much of a struggle I had here.  I love the left page..

It uses a lot of things I like to use and it feels like it tells a story.  That is me in the photo, by the way, age about 4.  It is one of a series of pictures I keep coming back to, using and re-using.
The insert... not so much and the other side of the little page was sort of OK.

and then there is the other side.  The background is some wallpaper I found somewhere, a MOO card separation and a piece of an older sunflower print. The paper at the bottom came from some paper that I rusted using some old New York Waterworks parts that came available when a lunatic driver up here ran over the fire hydrant on the corner late one night.  It was pretty exciting for about half an hour before they got a cap on it, and there were lots of rusted metal parts lying around, so I picked them up.

Japanese paper for toughness and rust for color.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Journal 4 pages 15 and 16

 Another one that went through a number of iterations:

and then didn't change markedly from the original print, I guess

Friday, November 13, 2015

Journal 4 pages 13 and 14

Plain vanilla start pages....

I was pleased with this group once it came together.  Experimenting with having the grid lines cross all the pages in all the stages was fun and the Sienna drawing is one of my favorite things.