Friday, June 24, 2016

Maybe I invented this...

I am absolutely not sure ... In any case, for a non- OCD person like me, it is a great idea.

I just made these.  I hate perfection in stamps or in stencils or in anything that looks "manufactured" so I tend to make my own stamps etc.  Cutting them takes time, and mine are always a little rough.  What I did here, which is MUCH faster than "real" stamp carving is to stick together, using the sticky backs, two Sticky Back Foam Sheets... when stuck together they looked like this:

and then I used my smallest Xacto blade and cut patterns, having drawn them first with a Sharpie.

In one I got a little enthusiastic with the Xacto and cut through both layers in a couple of places, so on that one I cut another square from a third Foam Sheet and stuck that to the back to hold it together.

I actually like this better, as it is a bit firmer when it prints so I may well do it to the others too.  Main thing is ... they print!!!

Will they last forever? probably not but they will be "rustic" which I love and quite inexpensive and fast to make.  I am loving the ease of making a bunch quickly. 12  sheets of sticky back foam are about $8 on Amazon and I made about a dozen squares and a few long thin stamps from 2 sheets. 


Wednesday, June 1, 2016

MOMA to see Edgar Degas: A Strange New Beauty...

But on the way there was this:
 It is a walkway between two blocks in the 50's and I have always loved the soaring space with the street out there...

And once there I saw this....

More about Edgar Degas: A Strange New Beauty is here. You can see the hand of the artist and his fingerprints in some of the prints, it is an amazing show.

Monday, May 23, 2016

I know that people often worry about old folks in the bath....

I am probably the most carefully watched old person in the shower.  ......
Three out of four watch me for my entire shower.  They go off once I get out, but I am rarely out of their sight...

Saturday, May 21, 2016

why can't a corporation as big as the NY Times deliver the thing they are making?

This is a rant. There is no purpose for it other than to allow me to vent about something that is driving me absolutely crazy.  Just read it and giggle, there is no other possible response unless you are representing the NY Times.  In that case, please fix this.

It is fascinating to me that the NY Times cannot reliably deliver the newspaper to my door... a service for which I pay an EXORBITANT amount of money!

To aid in understanding my rant, the paper is supposed to arrive every day, 7 days a week, and I am not fussy about time as long as it is there by 8:30, which is when I generally go to look for it.

On Saturday, there is a big delivery, which includes significant sections of the Sunday paper, as well as Saturday's complete paper.

Today, Saturday, the delivery was late.  OK, they told me via email that it was going to be late, and I can roll with that.  It arrived about 9:30 and I set it down til I had fed all the fur kids and was ready to read.

I opened it to discover that I got most of the portions of Sunday I generally get.  I got the A section of Saturday, and that was it.  NO Saturday paper beyond the first section.  No Sports, no Art section, no business section, no obituaries, nothing beyond the A section of Saturday's paper.

NOW, when I go to report that, it seems that I am probably not reporting it in a way that will assure that I get Saturday's paper tomorrow and I am STRONGLY encouraged to read it all online since it was going to be late anyway.

Let me clarify to the NY Times... if I wanted to read it digitally, I would not pay an enormous amount of money to have the paper version delivered.  I do that because I want to READ that. I want today's paper.... the obituaries, the ads, the serendipitous exposure that occurs when one article or ad is near another one.  I want the PAPER!!!!  If tomorrow I get two copies of Sunday and no copy of Saturday I will not be at all surprised. Actually, if I get the rest of Sunday I will be surprised.  Each week presents a new opportunity for a new way for the NY Times newspaper to fail to deliver the NEWSPAPER!

Obviously, since I ventured into this rant, this is not the first time that my paper has failed to appear, either completely or with sections missing.  I just needed to put this out there with enough mentions of the NY Times in the body of the text so that perhaps, someone whose job it is to track reporting about the NY Times might find it.  Obviously I have been hitting the Kool Aid.

While I am at it, I have had several communications with the Book Editor about the Search capability, or lack thereof on the Times site. When I can search and find book reviews better by searching with Google vs. searching on the NY Times site for some of their articles there is something WRONG with the search function on the electronic version.  Let's see.... can't deliver paper version, can't make an electronic version that works as it should..... worrisome, isn't it?

Sunday, May 15, 2016

I have not vacated the premises I promise

I have been gone...among the missing ... since Water Dog Calendar time but I am going to be back.  I have been gelliplate making and printing, and I think i may have things to tell.. so this is just a wave in passing, but I will be back.

The shrine that grows

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Spanish Water Dogs

I make a calendar for the Spanish Water Dogs of America club every year.  It is a labor of love, the owners send me pictures and I polish them up and make calendar pages out of them.  This is the first year our breed.... you have, if you look at this blog seen my girls many times and the breed is a delight ...has been AKC recognized and the first year we will have dogs at the Westminster Kennel Club Show.  SO it is a big year and the culmination of a lot of work and hoops jumped through.

The Calendar makes money for the Club and it is generally put into the Rescue fund should it be needed.

This is the link to follow if you want to see some great looking dogs

enjoy .. the Queens of December thank you... and Diego is oblivious....

Friday, November 27, 2015

I have been knitting....

I decided that I have to use up the yarn in the house.  The issue for me was that what I succumbed to every time I walked into a yarn store was a single skein of varigated sock yarn.  I have been knitting socks but it will take the rest of my natural life to knit up all those skeins, one pair of socks at a time.  I decided to knit a scarf and just start putting the skeins together and hope for the best.

I knitted this on size 3 US needles, with sock yarn, rarely a solid color. Once I got started and had a good bit of a "scarf" done, the largest strip with the yellow and white section in it, I realized that it was not going to be filmy enough for a scarf.  I am always warmer than average, so I started just adding to it, picking up one side, knitting that way for a while, then binding off and picking up another side etc etc.  I finally decided to quit when it was a large lap blanket.

Then I decided that it needed knitted on I Cord edging.  Hmmmmm It was 1200 stitches around, each stitch of icord was really 4 stitches.  4800 stitches later I had edged it all.  Now I am lost because I am not knitting and I am thinking I might start a second one.