Saturday, July 4, 2015

I have a new addiction.....Like I needed another one!!

I have always loved Fountain Pens and I have millions of them.  Well, maybe 10. Some have Italic nibs in a variety of sizes and some are normal nibs, also in a variety of sizes.  I was doing some of the eternal project.... AKA cleaning the studio... and I found many of the pens several months ago and put them all together in one box. 

Then I discovered Goulet Pens!  Anyone who has read this blog for a while knows that I have the attention span of a squirrel.  I have bottles of half used ink that are older than my grown up son.. I loved the color once or twice as I filled a pen, but by the third time I was ready for a new color.  Just look at all the ink colors in the picture above... there are 4 different colors there.  Now look at the next picture....

Every one of those little vials contains enough ink to fill a pen 2 or even 3 times.  Each one is labeled... not by me... and each is a DIFFERENT COLOR... my squirrel mind is SO happy!

In addition to tons of great looking fountain pens (I did buy one already but seriously I don't need more pens.)  the Goulet site does something else which is more exciting to me: Goulet sells samples of their inks, 

They sell sample clusters so those with a more scientific/organized bent can compare similar colors from different manufacturers or explore staff favorites or see all the colors of a particular brand. 

 They sell a subscription where each month for 10 dollars, (15 outside the US) you get 5 samples based on a theme that is different each month.

 And then, for the squirrel minded, they offer choose your own samples, make a list and we will send you as many samples as you want for about $1.00ish each.  They have 600 inks and they seem to have samples of most of them, or maybe all of them, I am not sure, but I am delighted. When I run out of  samples I just order more.  

I have ordered other things fountain pen related from them too.  I got a new nib for my Lamy pen that had an original nib that was just too fine, It now writes in Italics. I did order one full bottle of ink, but I still haven't opened it so it may be my last bottle of ink.  They have an ink with gold speckles in it...  They have scented ink and they draw with ink and various pen combos on their blog and show you the result.  I have ABSOLUTELY no association with these guys but I was looking at the box of sample vials and I got to thinking that there may be others who want a box of their own...

So now I have facilitated you into more stuff for your art....Did I mention they have inks that are not water soluble?  Oh blast, another sample on the wish list....  

Have a great Fourth of July those of you in the US!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

OK, so I missed June entirely, but stuff happens and now it is summer...

So no pictures right this minute but a check in to say all is well and more will come soon, I hope.  I'm actually doing some work, but mostly I am revamping the storage in the studio so I can find things and reading.

I fell back in love with Kate Atkinson.  I liked her Jackson Brodie books and was delighted with Life After Life and plan to start her latest...A God in Ruins in the next couple of days.

I am swatting at a bunch of different distractions.. I read  A Night To Remember about the sinking of the Titanic because it was in the Book Exchange at my Coop and I started it and finished it in the same day.  I had forgotten a lot of it from the movie, but I do remember the glass ceiling in the dining room, and Walter Lord describes it was an interesting read.

More soon, I hope..

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Journal #3 Spread 12... the last...

These are the last pages in the book... I had a hard time getting started and now I am having a hard time letting it go, but I liked these pages too, so all in all, though there were moments when I HATED this book, it has a nice feel to it. These two pages had some things to deal with....

I added color and edges to the face and left it be, although I have added some pretend writing along the edge.  I am playing with that right now.  Things that look like letters and words but are not.... something I was reading the other day called it Asemic Writing. I looked it up in Wikipedia. I am intrigued with it and I liked it sitting there opposite the house I transferred to some circular graph paper I found in the trash somewhere.   Underneath it is part of a poem by Louise Gluck that is one of my all time favorites. 

It is called A Myth of Devotion and is about Persephone and Hades, one of those stories I love. The quote on the page is the beginning....

"When Hades decided he loved this girl
he built for her a duplicate of earth,
everything the same, down to the meadow,
but with a bed added."

Read it, it is an amazing poem.

Next week or the week after I will photo the last of the four books I made from failed prints before I start working in the last one and SOMEHOW I will start again.  Starting is the hardest part for me, and it lasts until about half the spreads are going somewhere.  So I am going to try not to be too cranky for the next month or so while I learn how to START!!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Journal #3 Spread 11

This is the last spread with a small page in it in this book.  There wasn't much of anything on these pages to start with, but just to be consistant:

Someone gave me a DreamCatcher and I used it to make the mandala shapes on these pages, I also used more of the black paper with the gold acrylic and more tape.  The photo on the little page is from the A Train 79th street station in Manhattan..
 More Mandala, more Australian paper, some asparagus stalks and a totally failed transfer of the Manhattan skyline in the fog that I liked SO much better as it was when it didn't work than I would have if it had been pristine that I tore it some more and left it.   Some word tape also.  I just left it as I liked it.  I am not sure about the little person picture on the small page, but it is there and I have to let go of this book so it is staying.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Journal #3 Spread 11

This one came together fast, and I like the quiet nature of it..
Started out like this:

and nothing on the page stayed except what you can see through the transfers on the left side.  You have seen the eye before, I changed the scale and played with it a bit and the bottom is a building that was being renovated on 57th Street and maybe 8th Ave. several years ago.  Everything had been painted white, even the workman's chair was white, and the shadows were just lovely.  I took several pictures through the window and the workman came out to see what I was interested in.  He kindly let me inside to take some more because I was getting glare in the windows ...

The right side is a photo I have been using for ages as well as some black paper with gold and other acrylics on it and the bottom is some souvenir paper from a notepad I bought in Australia many years ago. It reappeared when I was going through a box of paper and I loved the effect of the turtles underwater.   

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Journal #3, Spread 10

These were the last pages I got done, and actually I only finished one today, which means there may be other things that happen tomorrow or the next day but since I am going through the book sequentially, here they are:

They started out like this:

There was really not much to start with and for whatever reason the left side of the spread took forever to come even close to done. The image on the left is a photo I took in London around Christmas easily 10 or more years ago.  In those days I was getting 4 by 6 prints on glossy paper as the output, so I started with one of those and sanded it.  I then used a cold wax on it and the fire-like spots were where I ended up.  The rest of this side is striped wallpaper and bits of tape transferred words.  

The right side came together pretty quickly because of a donation from a friend.  One of my friends is blind and although she doesn't know Braille her husband does and they get a lot of advertisements etc in Braille.  I asked her to save me something so I could play with it and this is the first page of a calendar.  I used the little boy whom you have already seen and transferred him with gel medium.  The Braille on the right of the page is still "readable" but once the transfer went on the letters on the left compressed.  I did some shading on both sides of the page and then used a pen to make other Braille-like letters on the small insert page over one of my burned page experiments.

Lots of tape and some paint and done.  I liked the effect of the little boy transfer but I am trying to work out a way to keep the Braille readable while putting an image on top.  I have a dozen or so paged from the calendar to play with so at some point I'll try again.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Journal #3, Spread 8 and Spread 9

This one was of the incompletes, but I thought I would load it anyway just to keep things orderly.

And then I had an inspiration and now I have a finished spread, or at least as much of a finished spread as I get til more ideas appear. The right side was done when I loaded this picture, but I knew there was something out there somewhere for the left. And I found it in an old copy of the NY Times Magazine.  I rarely use other peoples items unless I change them majorly and this is no exception.  The "sparkles" were background for something and the window was background for a furniture ad.

Honestly the Magazine should have been thrown out long ago, since it was from 2014, but it was on my desk because there was a story I wanted to read. I finally read it and the "sparkles" caught my eye.  And there were a bunch of different windows but this one worked so well!

Spread 8 is another transfer with some drawing added.  This is the house where my parents had an apartment when I was born.  We lived mostly in the back on two floors and I lived there until I was about 7....

I don't think the little flap is done, but the failed transfer on the right got worked over with brushpen and will probably stay as is..

This is spread 9...

This one changed a bit also, though the squares on the left need something I am sure it will appear..