Sunday, May 21, 2017

Hi, My name is Jordi and I am a hoarder...of sorts

I did feel the need to qualify the title because I live in a fairly clean home and there are no stashes of gross stuff, but I do hoard some things because "they may come in handy some day".

I was watching Hoarders or whatever the TV show is called the other day (OK, I was watching it because there was no channel playing old Law and Order shows) and I heard a guy who had a yard and a house you could not get into say exactly that phrase and it made me quiver with fear.

So I thought I would start documenting what I DO hoard... and you can judge for yourselves...

So this is area number 1. I have a few little machines (not quite as many as Gill!) that I use regularly and my absolute favorite is my Cinch ... probably not the most sophisticated binding machine in the world etc. but it is little, works well and does exactly what I want to do easily.  I have a zillion of those red coils and I am going to be binding using them forever.

Also, if you forget how to punch holes in larger pieces of paper because it has been 2 weeks since you last did it, it tells you right there on the machine how to do it.  What more could you ask??

I have taken a couple of online classes... You can see Jane Davies name prominently displayed on the tags there.  I tend to print out what I do in the class and the lessons so I can go back to them when the class is over and then I bind them all together.  The others are largely the result of a class I took years ago from SharonB which I don't think she teaches anymore but it was from this perspective.  She is a big advocate of keeping only one "journal" and putting EVERYTHING in the same place and letting the ideas cross pollinate with your grocery lists.  So there are dates and then there are things I might want to look up later written on the tags hanging off each one. 

I think this probably is a bit neat to qualify as a true hoard, but it is MY hoard and I love seeing them every day.  That was the other thing that the hoarder said... sigh.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

A NewArt Journal

I made this Journal quite a while ago, out of a bunch of paint sample brochures that I got at the hardware store. They are different sizes, some have rounded corners, all of them had glued on paint samples, and I spread paint over all of them to start with.

It has been sitting around, mostly because I found it intimidating!  It is big, and it has mostly 3 fold pages, which I have not dealt with a lot before.  I guess I needed to ponder it for a while.   I loved the choices I made in binding it, and I will show you that at a later point, but I am going to post a few pages here now to push me to keep going.

This is a look at the whole spread:

Left side:

Center spread:

Right side:

Friday, September 2, 2016

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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

first 6 Postcarded #6

Group One, in no particular order.  I just grabbed them and scanned them... 

Monday, August 29, 2016

Postcarded # 6 is on its way...Pictures start tomorrow

Some of my reader(s) know about Postcarded.... it is a series of postcards I have been sending out since 2014.  There is only a run of about 17 or so.  This issue is 23 which is a LARGE number for me.

Postcarded #6 is different also because each one of the 23 is different.  Yep, I am sending out 23 different cards.  It all started with the class I took from Jane Davies .  The class was Gelliplate Monoprints and Collage... not the real name but she doesn't seem to be offering it at this moment, so I can't tell you exactly.  I LOVED it.  She is a very good teacher and really goes all out on her online classes in terms of communication and support and structure and is SO worth it.

HOWEVER I ended up with a TON of cannon fodder and I kept staring at that huge pile of papers thinking what to do with them.  I also had a bunch of failed collages, and they were the most annoying.  So, dear reader, I destroyed them by tearing them each into 6 even pieces with no regard for what they looked like or what little sections of them I found interesting.  Six pieces from each collage, all the same side.  There were a bunch of them, so now I had about 60 small rectangles with bits of paper stuck to them.

The next step, for me, was to try turning those little sow's ears into purses, hopefully silk purses.  As I went along it became more and more interesting.  These little guys were cute!.  Once started they became a sort of obsession, one or two every day, like vitamins.  Then, what to do with finished product?

I have not sent out a Postcarded in over a year and it seemed like the answer, so I started glueing them onto postcard paper and all of a sudden I had lots to choose from and all I had to do (ha!) was address and write a little note on each of them.  SO they go into the mail today.  Europe and Canada should be there in about a week, or so, the US.... Wednesday and on...

Since they are all different, I scanned them in groups of six and will put the ones already mailed up here starting tomorrow 6 at a time. Once yours comes you can check it out and you can see what the rest turned out like.  If you aren't on the postcarded list and want to see how they look in "real" let me know by email and I will add you to the mailing, I have a number of them left.