Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Also Near TImes Square

How long do you suppose the lingeres can linger? 25 cent Peeps certainly are time limited so you can't linger there long. On a more literary note, isn't this a miss-spelling? Shouldn't it be LingereEs? And are all the lingeres XXX? So many questions. How about those XXX toys?  How do you prove you are a VIP? I guess the final one is if/when did they realize how this was supposed to be spelled and did they just shrug and keep on dishing out those 25cent peeps?
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Gill said...

OK, I'm no French expert but isn't Lingerie one of those nouns which refer to a number of things (the grammatical term for which escapes me right now if I ever knew it at all)

Jordi, you have been to some surprising places recently. I don't think I was with you, was I?

jordiw said...

I was missing you, actually. We would have lingered even longer laughing at the misprint. I went back out into the street and stopped traffic to take the picture.

As for Lingerie ... hmmm are you implying that the owners of VIP Peeps knew about Lingerie as well as Lingeree? Hmmmm