Thursday, October 27, 2011

Process of building the Journal

I started by coloring a bunch of pages, inspired by L K Ludwig in her online classes, which are great fun and full of interesting ideas. Then I bound the pages with a cover that includes an old Polaroid Image Transfer that I had lying around.   Finally, I started adding images I liked to the pages. No real plan as to what images, no order, just do what happens. I had decided that since this was a theme journal there was no pressure  like there seems to be for me in a daily or reportorial journal about an event or a trip or whatever. 

This one takes whatever it takes. So this post is a sort of summary report as I discovered i was being inconsistent about where I posted pages. Some are over on the photos blog and some are here. These are the newest pages, and then some links to some completed pages.

The lyrics are from songs that were/are important to me, and I am a total sap for a good lyric, so here they are. I am not doing it from the viewpoint of finding a lyric I like and making a page to suit. I am allowing my stations on Pandora to play in the background, but once I have a page in process I find that the "right" lyric sometimes pops into my head.

I found some old oiled paper negatives I used when I was printing black and white photos in the darkroom. I cut up a couple because I think those days are gone .... sadly... and used some parts of them on pages.

This is done, I think, on the right hand page... it is THE line from a Whiter Shade of Pale...

The cover is here. Scroll down here for some pages and more finished pages here... and here.... and here.   

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Gill said...

After all, song lyrics are poetry in a slightly different form, aren't they?
(or poetry per se...discuss!)
Love the way this is developing and in particular, the reminder that these things are better when grown not forced.