Monday, November 14, 2011

Alexander McQueen

When I saw the Alexander McQueen show at the Met, I KNEW I had to have the calendar, the pictures were so big and clear and it was such a nice design. HOWEVER, it was, it turned out, too big for me to hang in my measley (sp?) available space and it fell off the refrigerator when hung up there with a magnet. Besides, my Spanish Water Dog calendar (soon to be available on Cafe Press and supporting the Spanish Water Dog Rescue) must be on the fridge, so there wasn't much room.

I pondered this a bit, and then I realized. My studio table has glass in some places, but not one big piece covering the whole table. Voila!!
 The picture is under the glass and the date portion is available for writing on. Of course, I could have turned it under, but I love doing little day reportage snippets in a calendar and this has now become the best place to put the little notes. Also to doodle when the need arises.

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