Thursday, July 5, 2012

Who, ME??????? NO!!!!!

Is there a sprayer that I could use to cover all my rugs with hot sauce? Tinta seems determined to eat her way through every oriental rug I own. She has eaten about 6 inches of the edge of one and is working on a big hole in the main rug. Now mind you, she is creative. She takes her chew toy of the moment. Lays down with it in her mouth 2 inches from her intended hole, puts her mouth on the rug right next to the chew toy, so it looks as though it is in her mouth and then proceeds to eat the rug, every once in a while running her teeth over the chew toy if she has the idea you might be looking at her.

Of course, that is in between sessions of trying to eat the entire New York Times by lunch, or her leash, or a cat, any cat, or invisible things, or a book, or the only remaining corner of a pillow on the couch. It is not that I don’t watch her, I am LEASHED to her most of the time, she is just the picture of doing what is right while actually doing what is not right.

"Eating the rug? Who? ME???? NO!!! I was sucking my paw. I was eating my chew toy! I was dreaming and just smacking my lips!!! ME???? Never!!! Look I even put the carpet back down after I ate the padding out from under it. See?? You can’t even see it!!"

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Harpy said...

Vinegar works really well.

Stitching with Schnauzer and Siamese said...

I don't know if you can get it in the states ..but Olbas oil ( usually used when you have a cold) helped to cure Herr Schnauzer of all his naughty chewing. Guaranteed to stop chewing anything precious...... has a strong smell..... but if you have a cold you can't smell it ;o)