Monday, May 13, 2013

My latest book making project

I found this little landscape format board book the other day and thought it would be good for something.  I gessoed the pages with buff colored gesso after sanding them and then sanded them again.  It is about 4 inches high and 7 inches long and was originally something about Hot Wheels... not any more!

I love it that the book stands on its own because I had decided that I wanted it to be able to display that way.  Once I realized what I was going to use it for I added some rough swipes of gold acrylic to some of the pages to see how it would work.

Because.... it is going to be a George Washington Bridge Book!
This is the first spread I completed, it is a collage that I made from some river photos with the bridge on the far left.  I made it last year, and I don't think I ever posted the collage, but if I find it I will link to it later. 

You can see the gold acrylic swipe better here...

And this is the closeup of one page

The other side...

I made this page using a laser copy of the collage which I transferred using clear packing tape.  This is going to be fun!
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dorothypandorasbox said...

Great idea Jordi. I have a similar book here.... Hmmmmm! :-)