Friday, June 24, 2016

Maybe I invented this...

I am absolutely not sure ... In any case, for a non- OCD person like me, it is a great idea.

I just made these.  I hate perfection in stamps or in stencils or in anything that looks "manufactured" so I tend to make my own stamps etc.  Cutting them takes time, and mine are always a little rough.  What I did here, which is MUCH faster than "real" stamp carving is to stick together, using the sticky backs, two Sticky Back Foam Sheets... when stuck together they looked like this:

and then I used my smallest Xacto blade and cut patterns, having drawn them first with a Sharpie.

In one I got a little enthusiastic with the Xacto and cut through both layers in a couple of places, so on that one I cut another square from a third Foam Sheet and stuck that to the back to hold it together.

I actually like this better, as it is a bit firmer when it prints so I may well do it to the others too.  Main thing is ... they print!!!

Will they last forever? probably not but they will be "rustic" which I love and quite inexpensive and fast to make.  I am loving the ease of making a bunch quickly. 12  sheets of sticky back foam are about $8 on Amazon and I made about a dozen squares and a few long thin stamps from 2 sheets. 


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Margaret Roberts said...

Well done Jordi. I don't have the sticky foam, just a load of ordinary ones I bought years ago. I love them too. But it's a bit messy as I have to stick the layers together with glue.