Saturday, May 6, 2017

A NewArt Journal

I made this Journal quite a while ago, out of a bunch of paint sample brochures that I got at the hardware store. They are different sizes, some have rounded corners, all of them had glued on paint samples, and I spread paint over all of them to start with.

It has been sitting around, mostly because I found it intimidating!  It is big, and it has mostly 3 fold pages, which I have not dealt with a lot before.  I guess I needed to ponder it for a while.   I loved the choices I made in binding it, and I will show you that at a later point, but I am going to post a few pages here now to push me to keep going.

This is a look at the whole spread:

Left side:

Center spread:

Right side:


Gill said...

I like it! (a lot )

jordiw said...

Thanks Gill, it was great to get something actually DONE! Or at least as close as I generally get. .. you found it in about 60 seconds!!!!!