Wednesday, November 5, 2008

This is how I feel today.....

It is SUCH a relief to know that a majority of Americans did what I think was the right thing yesterday. I watched with delight the multi racial party in Chicago for Obama's speech and the graciousness with which McCain (after some very nasty actions earlier in the race) conceded. I cannot remember fretting so much over an election since the Vietnam War election when I cried over Gene McCarthy's loss. I was so worried up til Virgina and Florida flipped blue. Now, I hope, we CAN make changes.

I know this is the "honeymoon" period, and that all will not be perfect or even close to perfect as time goes on, but I am relaxed, sitting here knitting with my feet up and a smile on my face, even if only for today.
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nadine said...

Sienna looks blissfully mellow, and surrounded by Klimt inspired artworks.