Monday, November 17, 2008

Well, I have been sinning again,

it has been 12 days since my last post, and I haven't a clue WHY it has been so long except that I am not sure what I am doing that is cannon fodder for reporting.
I have been working on this, and I have to ask opinions.. How long, oh lord, can this go on???

It is currently about 40 inches on each side. Should it be a square or a rectangle?

How much bigger should it be? It can go on for a long long time, I still have a cone of the darker and the lightest colors and much of a cone each of the blueish and the pinkish yarn.
I get bored and do another pattern, but it is now about 300 stitches on a side, and that is a long crawl from one side to the other.
I rigged up a sort of a bookholder, so I could read as I knitted, and it does work at least a little, but I can't seem to manage TV +knitting + reading, no matter how hard I try. Especially since I have a zillion PBS Mystery Theatre shows that I am trying to watch, and they require more attention than dividing 3 ways allows. I can still knit and watch Mystery, but the knitting does go slower.

So, I have knitted, I have made split pea soup and a casserole with stuffed peppers a la chile rellenos and I have gotten rid of a lot of dead wood around the apartment. The thinking is that thinning the possessions will allow the mind more space to breathe.

Hmmmmmmmmm Well, we shall see.

What I am reading, by the way, is The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I am really enjoying it, and now looking forward to the other 2 books he wrote. There are moments of stiffness in the text, but overall I enjoyed it a lot and can't wait to hear the bookclub discussion.


nadine said...

wow. this is absolutely gorgeous. i can't believe how detailed and intense your project is.

I've actually been thinking about it quite a lot, lately.

And: will you be making a border??

nadine said...

i'm guessing you're using circular needles for this. but how many do you Need to use at one time, because the "sides" are so long ?

Midgie said...

Have I mentioned you're insane lately? You're insane. There, think that keeps me up-to-date.

It is gorgeous though.