Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Recently at the Met

The Met Lobby at night is magical...
Aren't these something wonderful? I suppose the Met could save money by skimping on flowers, but I hope they don't. The lobby is always spectacular. I went on Friday night recently, and it was not overflowing with people, you could see the paintings and, without an eternal wait,
you could get a drink and listen to music and admire the lobby over the railing.
This guy was right near where we were sitting, and quite handsome too!
This guy probably would not have approved of our drinks, but he was the very first thing I ever drew at the Met years and years ago and I have an inordinate fondness for him.

I have been staying home a lot lately, those of you who secretly harbor the idea that I have at least a touch of agoraphobia are probably right, except that I walk the dog 3 times a day, go to class twice a week and generally meet someone for an evening out at least once a week. But.... if I can stay home in my jammies I will, so there. I did finish the stole, and even blocked it, but then it seemed a bit small, so I thought I would extend it without redoing the cast off. I picked up stitches along the top and did an addition, hated it, took it out and tried again.

It doesn't photograph well, but I will give it a try later when Miss Ella and Sienna are not rocketing around the house chasing each other. (Miss Ella is my neighbor's pup who is playing with Sienna for the afternoon). So, for those of you who were wondering if I had given up, here I am, and I have been posting pretty regularly on the photo blog, so all is well. I may just rip out the addition and stick with what I have, we shall see. Perhaps I shall ask for votes from my reader.
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Those flowers are pretty wonderful...