Thursday, August 20, 2009

Some organizational thoughts

There is a new show on TV called Hoarders, and the first show documented a young couple whose house had gotten the better of them since she shopped obsessively and he "stored" everything that came into the house, and another segment looked at a woman who had food dating back to 1996.

I am a bit of a hoarder myself, I excuse it by saying that all mixed media artist types are hoarders. When I stop to pick up a bit of metal that has been run over and flattened by a truck to an interesting shape, I use that reasoning to carry it home and put it in the box with an assortment of similar items.

I rationalize that the difference is in degree. All my things are in boxes that are labeled and I can move unimpeded from room to room. I am the queen of creative storage, so my aquisitions don't prevent me from walking about in the dark and I don't have to worry that I might step on a year old banana or a rotted pumpkin.

HOWEVER....... while I was watching this show I was knotting together little bits of leftover sock yarn so I could use food coloring to overdye it into a similar tone so I could use it to knit something I had an idea about. Sounds rational until you reember that I also have storage tubs labeled A through H that contain unused yarn that is already dyed by someone else in pleasant shades and doesn't have a knot every 40 inches or so...

I don't think I am about to slip over the edge ................ yet.
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