Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I've got friends in high places

Suches, Georgia and Atlanta, Georgia to be specific. Up here in the great northern metroplex we are suffering a blight. A kindred of the potato blight that resulted in the potato famine in Ireland only it is attacking tomato plants. Although we are not likely to die from the lack of good tomato sandwiches, we are really missing those tomatoes.

Enter my friends in high places and warm places. When I complained about how much I was missing tomatoes, J. and A. packed up 10 HUGE Cherokee Rose tomatoes from the Suches garden. Packed them in those bubble packs from Amazon and newspapers mind you, and mailed them to me.

and they got here in 4 DAYS in PERFECT SHAPE!!

What do you think the odds of that happening are?

SO, for those of you in tomato deprived areas of the Northeast US, here they are. Feast your eyes on real live huge gorgeous tomatoes.

and yes, that is the bottom of a cat paw in the upper left of that last picture. You don't think that Clem was going to let these pass by uninspected, did you?
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