Friday, April 9, 2010

I went here on Tuesday

Everyone in the world has heard the horror stories of the DMV. Hours in line, surly staff, dirt, lost records, endless forms to fill out. I had heard them too. I remembered going there once long ago before 9/11 when things were easy breezy and it wasn't bad but I figured that in this new world things would be as common knowledge described. I lost my driver's license when I lost my wallet right before Christmas. I kept putting off going down here to brave the DMV, but when Gill gave me an assignment -- "Ah ha Jordi, you can choose to take this assignment, this tape will self destruct in 2 minutes." Or words to that effect ... I decided it was a sign that since I would be in the neighborhood I should try the DMV.

This is the end result --- INANDOUTINLESSTHAN15MINUTES!!! I couldn't believe it and it would have been less had the guy at the window next to me been less funny. He kept me laughing and I forgot to check 2 boxes so it took a bit longer than it would have.

I said what I needed, got a form to fill out from a smiling woman who laughed at my lame joke and when I had filled it out gave me a number and said "Listen for your number." As I looked down to read B304 I heard a voice over the intercom say: "Now serving B304 at window 7". I had to be fanned to prevent fainting!

In, out temporary license in hand in 15 minutes and if I had filled out the form better and the guy had not been funny it probably would have taken me 10 minutes. Sometimes New York amazes me!
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Gill said...

A bit late in reading this due to my weekend in London, but I am delighted that your brave acceptance of a daunting challenge brought its own reward!

thank you....