Thursday, April 1, 2010

part 2

and then....

  1. I was about to leave for the post office when it occurred to me that they wouldn't GIVE me the package without the pink slip that I don't have.  
  2. I went and looked in the mail box, just in case.  No pink slip.
  3. So I called Amazon and asked if they could request redelivery.  They can't unless I am on the line but they managed to do a conference call and got me and the post office on line at the same time. 
  4. I explained the situation and the post office person said "What reason does it say on the slip that it was not delivered?"
  5. That was the point at which I think I lost it and said "I just told you I don't HAVE a pink slip!!!"
  6. And she replied "Oh, right! Now what is the number on that slip?"

Perhaps they will deliver it tomorrow.  Perhaps they will not.  The only good thing is that I did not walk all the way across town (without Sienna - they don't allow dogs in the post office - might slow things down I guess) and THEN discover that they would not give me a package without a pink slip.

There are pink slips I would like to deliver.  Amazon, on the other hand, should perhaps take over the post office.  There would be service and delivery on Saturday and people who actually talk to you.

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Helen Cowans said...

I DO hope you get that book soon! and I DO hope it was worth the struggle!!!