Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Calle Ocho

I had a wonderful dinner the other night at Calle Ocho. My friends were visiting and I try to find somewhere fun to go. Calle Ocho had gotten a mention as having the best Bread Basket on a blog I read and we decided to try that out. My bread basket pictures didn't come out well, perhaps because I was so busy eating the bread that I didn't hold the camera steady, but if you check out Gill's blog you can see a different appetizer by no yucca breadlets either.  I guess we were all too busy eating them cuz they were YUMMY.

As for this, ....hmmmmmm Found on the street and interesting, but if anyone wants to explain it, I am all ears.  I get the Up Down West and East part, and the Pi symbol but the rest of it eludes me.
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nadine said...

My interpretation of the E/W, up, down ..... Pie is everywhere. and should be sampled as often as possible, no matter where you are or how you feel.

When it comes to Pie, i can help.

Gill said...

Hmmm, now I wonder who those friends were who shared the Calle Ocho experience?!

Lucky lucky us. You won't believe how many times we spoke about those yummy corn cobs, never mind the delicious bread rolls during the last couple of weeks.

We will return!!