Tuesday, September 14, 2010

New York Voted today -- Sort of

I went to vote today and I was absolutely embarrassed about the state of voting in New York City..   Going to the polls I had to wade through about 10 people who were trying to shove campaign literature into my hands.  If I had not made up my mind, what was I doing there was the big question, but not to them.  so I found the "table" for my precinct and was told to sit down to have the ballot explained to me.  Ballot was awful, rows of names grouped vaguely into groups but you really had to look to see who went with which office.

That, however was the least of the problems,   I was sent to a table with wings so that in theory no one could see what I was doing. I was instructed to mark the circles very darkly with a pen.  I did that.   The ballot was about 8 inches by 16 inches, not a tiny thing, and once the marks were made they were visible as I looked around for what to DO with the ballot.  I finally walked back to the table and saw the same woman who sent me to someone else, all the while I was trailing a totally visible ballot.

The next woman had a file folder into which she inserted my ballot after perusing it to be sure I had filled the dots in dark enough... so much for private ballots.  Then we went on a walk to another part of the building where there was a scanning station.  Only one for at least 4 voting precincts!  I got to flap my ballot around again but at 1 pm I was the 202nd voter, so not much was going on.  If there had been a lot of people voting this process would have taken at least an hour.   Then I get to feed the ballot into a scanner and stand there to wait to see if it had been accepted.

This was, without question, the DUMBEST thing I have ever participated in. Something has to be done -- if this is the wave of the future we are doomed.  No voting of consequence could take place with this process. OK,  rant over, we shall see if this is going to continue to the "real" election since this was a primary.  Anyone want to place a bet?  I think we are stuck til after the November election no matter how stupid this is.

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