Friday, March 25, 2011

Cesar Millan, we have a problem

OK, so yesterday we discovered that after 6 years of going into the crate whenever I left the house without any problems, Sienna decided that she was a big girl and deserved to be released.  Since she didn't seem to have success in communicating this to me, she decided to release herself.

I have class on Thursday also, so I removed all the loose pieces that she had been working on, turned the crate around so the hole she had made was flat against the wall, let her into the crate and shoved a piece of furniture over slightly so it was against the other door.  The part of the crate that faced the room was the back, solid wire, no door.

I came home to this:

This is a NEW hole and shows what a 4 hour crate attack can look like. She couldn't get all the way out, because the crosspiece is still in place, but she had removed enough verticals to get her head out the hole. 

Now, just so the SPCA doesn't get me, she was in NO distress and could remove her head from the hole without a problem, so I grabbed my camera because I couldn't describe this.

I am now going to go search the web for bulletproof crates.


Gill said...

Are you sure her middle name isn't Houdini?

nadine said...

i seriously can't believe she did this. "ttg" and i caught up on Sienna's Houdini act on Saturday. Since then, we're both saying the same thing. . . "how"? and "why ?!? "

nadine said...

i'm dying to know how the Bullet Proof crate is turning out.
Or has Madamoiselle chosen her own "house" ?

thank you for your lovely comments.
You can be assured that my hair will in fact be flying in all directions as i walk two senior citizen poodles. Of course they always like to investigate aromas that are in opposite directions. And after a week, i will have Very Long arms.