Saturday, March 10, 2012

Well, I may have lost my mind

Because this is what is running my life for the next month or so.  Looks like a schedule, right?  Well, it is! 

Because Miss Sienna aka Sienna de Chesapeake

Has a "sort of younger sister" 

Meet Tinta, aka Casa de Rancho's Tinta who is 11 weeks old

After a few days of figuring out who is boss (can you tell from the look on her face who came out on top in that part?) we are settling in nicely, practicing coming when called, not screaming in the crate, and not having accidents in the house.  That is our outdoor walk schedule and today we have been perfect.  Actually Tinta has lived here since Sunday and most days have been perfect and when they weren't it was generally my fault.  At least that is their opinion. 

I have found how hard it is to take pictures of black dogs.  I am learning I don't need as much sleep as I thought and 2 rules of living with a puppy in New York apartments:
1. Sleep in black sweatpants so you can put on a jacket and go at 6 am and go right back to sleep when you get done.
2. Carry the puppy to the front door of the building, she can walk coming back but it is a LONG way when you are tiny and have to pee.

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1 comment:

nadine said...

omg ! you have a Puppy!
congratulations ! you must be so busy. How is Sienna adjusting? is she happy?

and yes - it's Such a challenge to photograph a black dog.