Sunday, November 11, 2012

My latest Sketchbook, Journal... whatever

My favorite enabler has talked several times about her wire binder, the Cinch.  I finally fell off the wagon and got one.  I was having a crisis because I had a LOT of sewing to do and I wanted some of it to happen really quickly.  When I say sewing I do NOT mean clothes.  (Something for which all who know me are happy.)  I mean sewing coptic stitch binding that I have used on my Music Journal. 

My pages there are made by scrapeing acrylic paint deeply into paper and then adding more and taking some of it away.  The lovely thing about the method is that the pages do NOT stick together and the paper has a great feel to it.  I learned this from L. K. Ludwig in my favorite journaling/bookmaking book  Creative Wildfire.  Her other books are really good also, this is just my favorite one for this kind of journal.  She is really one of my art heroes. You can see some of the pages in my music journal here....  The link is to my Pinterest Board, just for variety.

OK, so you can see that these are densely colored pages and the whole book is very richly colored.  I played around with some acrylic inks the other day and because they soak into the pages very quickly I had a lot more white space on the page than I was used to and they didn't fit with the pages I had already made for another journal like the music one.  Those are the pages are sitting around waiting to be sewn. 

That enormous digression is to explain what led me use the acrylic ink pages to make a Cinch journal with a leftover binder coil from an old journal that I dismantled the other day.  It AMAZES me that the Cinch people do not include even ONE binding coil with the machine... NOT ONE!!!

front cover

other cover

some sort of random pages

Now I have to decide what I am going to use it for!
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