Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Out there somewhere is a bridge

and right here is a small pile of snow..... SNOW people, there was supposed to be maybe rain, MAYBE rain, and maybe not even that.  I swear that to be a weatherperson in NYC all you have to do is pretend and wave your arms in front of a blue screen.  THIS IS SNOW!

with two dogs, this is a major event, and since it is the first of the season I really don't know which shoes/boots are the least slippery in snow and still have not figured out how to get two sets of 4 each of those little booties things that keep their feet out of the salt.  I want you to think how I am going to get 8 of these on paws, as well as shoes on me and a coat and a scarf and mitts and keys etc etc etc when Tinta is just barely making it out the door without peeing in the hall.

I am especially fond of this particular listing on Amazon because it says the original price for these suckers is $1700!

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