Wednesday, January 2, 2013

and today I embellished part of it....

These are the gessoed pages from yesterday.  Today I scraped acrylic paint into them, and then did it again and took some away.  The paint chip side was the side I did first on all 13 pages.  Tomorrow I will, I hope, do the other side.  What you see here are 2 full size pictures of pages and 2 close-ups.  This technique leaves pages that are not sticky when closed because the acrylic is pushed into the pages and scraped off.  Once one layer is done, a second layer is treated the same way and then spritzed with water, stamped with wet pieces of sponge and brushed and then scraped dry.

The shapes you can see in the closeups are the paint samples that were attached to these pages by the paint companies.  I am looking forward to have the semi-visible grid to work against once I get the journal bound.  The other side of these pages is generally smooth, so this should be an interesting journal -- can't wait to start using it!

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