Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Ok, so a small case of OCD has resulted in this.....

This is a second "before" picture, I have a huge mishmash of clear-ish boxes and rescued cardboard boxes from a variety of sources.  Everything from pizza style boxes from Staples to recycled shoe boxes .... mostly Danskos...
So it looked like this:
And now it looks like this>>>>>>


I bought NOTHING.  In the apartment building recycling I found some Deco-ish wallpaper in some pale shades with faded circles.  The stash of that paper was one big complete roll and a roll plus a little more of trim paper that was 6 inches wide.  I just glued it all onto the variety of existing boxes and standardized the labels on those boxes and the plastic ones (which I didn't cover with wallpaper).  I didn't have enough to wrap the whole box, just did the fronts and a bit over the sides, but ... for me... the change is so nice and soothing!

I am still a packrat, and it will never be totally pristine and Martha-esque but it does help my eye a little
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Gill said...

Nice work. Come and do mine !,