Wednesday, October 9, 2013

I have been quiet here lately

However, I have been busy.  My friend Pete is studying Shamanism  I know little to nothing about becoming a Shaman, but I DID know that there were things he wanted to write down and remember, so YOU know that meant I was supposed to make him a book.

This was the result.   He chose the images, and I found some reinforced brown paper envelopes that I cut apart and printed and then waxed.  The wax gives the covers a really nice feel to them and they can be rolled up without cracking, because the wax is melted deep into the paper. 

The hinges are actually recycled from a single work glove that I found (probably on the street somewhere) and cut up.  I softened the picture of the text, but you can see that he is using it already!


I made a packing tape transfer of his natal chart and of some of the different animals that figure in what he is studying, so he has some to play with and use as the book grows. 

The book went home with him today, and it is going to be loved, I think.
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dorothypandorasbox said...

Hi Jordi,
What a lovely present... you ARE clever :-)
He is a very lucky chap to have that.