Monday, February 17, 2014

I must be the apocalypse... there is no other answer...

At 10 AM it was snowing like a blizzard blowing and flying.
By 3 PM it was sleeting and icing and still coming down hard
By 4 PM it was raining
By 8 PM it was snowing again big time
At 9:30 PM it thundered and there were 3 huge flashes of lightning.. while it was snowing
and it snowed for a long time.

Apocalypse is the only answer.

Everything is frozen.  If you had a car parked in our neighborhood it looks like this:
 If you left for a while after you dug out your car, and tried to come back someone else had taken your dug out spot so you are left with this option.  That pile of snow that car is on top of is at least 4 feet tall.  The driver just backed up onto it.
 And if you left your bike, it looked like this:

And it is supposed to drop 4 more inches on us tonight.  This is going to be fun, again. 

I went downtown to Molyvos for brunch with great out of town friends and we had a lovely meal and a great long conversation, but I took no food pictures at all.  SO you will just have to imagine grilled baby octopus, and moussaka to die for.  Yum.

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