Thursday, February 6, 2014

It's getting a little deep up here.....

 This is how my gorgeous view looked the night of the SuperBowl.  You can't really tell, but the string of pearls between the two piers is half green, half orange for the Seahawks and the Broncos.  New Jersey side got the Broncos, New York got the Seahawks.  Last night, although the SuperBowl is in the rear view mirror around here, the Piers were not lit up but the pearls were still colored.  I am a purist about the bridge and hate it when they color the pearls, so I am wishing it goes back to white soon.

Some of you may have heard we had a little snow this year.  Seriously people, enough is enough. Normally in a whole winter we get about 24 inches.  So far this year we are at 35 and counting with more to come this weekend it seems.  There is a special treat for us with this last iteration of messiness.  First it snowed.... A LOT of snow.  Then it rained and iced and then it froze.  This stuff is up to 2 feet deep and it is frozen SOLID.  It isn't going away til May!  Really, the dogs walk on it, ice skate on it and it just sits there.  I have never seen it quite like this and it is 21 degrees out there, so no melting is going to take place.

Across the river it is beautiful and the river is full of floating icebergs too, though they are pretty flat.  I keep hoping for one that is really huge but not any so far. 

And in the daytime, my bridge is its usual gorgeous self, although whoever approved the building of that tower right next to it should be removed from office.  There are almost no angles I can shoot from now that don't include that piece of whatever.  Since it is not inhabited you can't see it at night but it is going to be REALLY ugly when it is lit up at night.  I hope they have rules about it being lit up when the bridge is lit up but I am sure they don't, it is, after all, in New Jersey... enough said. 

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