Sunday, June 15, 2014

How could I have missed knowing about this???

Whole Foods, of all places interesting to start with, has a FREE online magazine, and it is NOT your usual food magazine advertising the store and its deliverables.  The current issue, number 19, is called Art and it is really an interesting read.  Yes, there are foodish themes, but they cast a wide net in their subject matter when including artists and art.  The people it showcases are good at talking about what they do and why they do it. The photography is not glamour shots, but enhances the stories by being both informative and visually appealing.  The videos are well done and not intrusive, if you want to just read the story it is fine and the videos add more.  I am not a fan of all video all the time, so I really liked the format here and the videos were good viewing and well shot.

So far, i have looked at the first couple of issues from the archives, and in the first one there is a story about Julie Green who paints plates depicting the last meals requested by death row prisoners.  There is a great video where she talks both about her process and the WHY of what she does.

The second issue called Senses has a video article about Gerry Leary who is a coffee roaster in Texas, and who also happens to be blind.  He is a good talker and his take on the coffee bean roasting is fascinating.

The issue called Gather has In Living Color, Dyeing with the colors of nature about Sacha Duerr and her dyeing process.  It includes a chart of various plants and how the  mordant used affects the color that you end up with.

NOW.. I am an internet junkie, why did I not know about this little gem of a magazine?  Whole Foods, you do such a good job of publicity, where is the publicity for Dark Rye and why have I missed it?  Ok, everybody, take a look, it will reward you for the time spent for sure...

Other than having about 10 of their great bags in my house and eating their food a lot, there is no connection between me and Whole Foods, except now I am a subscriber... DID I MENTION IT IS FREE? to Dark Rye and delighted to be one.

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Gill said...

Guess what? I'm now a subscriber too!

Thank you for sharing.