Saturday, August 30, 2014

My pretend daughter is going to have a baby girl...

and since I know she doesn't read the blog, I can show you what I made for her shower next weekend.  I can't be there in Atlanta but this has been a real labor of love.  She says "We are staying away from pink" and I follow directions at least marginally.  Coral is NOT pink.

It is from Mason Dixon, their Modern Baby Blanket with the modification shown by JMKB and others of the charcoal line between the colors.  I am in love and I was obsessed by finishing this blanket.  It has haunted my waking hours and seems that I spent every minute on it because now I am wandering about like a lost soul.

For those of you who know the size of my yarn stash, NO I didn't do it from the stash, I DID buy new yarn and now I have almost a full ball of each color left over... and it is Aran weight, not blendable easily with the tons of sock yarn stashed all over the apartment.  Something will occur, I am sure.  I actually started to make a striped (random) blanket and I may keep it up.  We shall see.  HOWEVER the next task is to get it wrapped, into a box and mailed to Atlanta before the shower.  That is, for me, almost harder than all the knitting.

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Well done Jordi and congratulations.
When will the baby be born?