Wednesday, March 18, 2015

and playing a bit with other ideas

I have never burned pages, but for a very long time I have been following the blog of Susan Bowers who does, among other things, a lot of burning of pages and words in her book creations.  I was looking at this page that I had written on and just decided to light it up a little.  I think I may repeat the dark spot in the center til it burns through....

Susan makes books also in a continuing shared book creation process with  Fiona Dempster who does some pretty amazing calligraphic thoughtful books and also burns. I just LOVE seeing what they do with their books.  They describe a set of "rules" and then they go off and each make a book.  The rules change every time and the degree of collaboration does too. I love reading about artist's processes and both of these artists are good at sharing what is going on.

So this is a tiny step into burning.  I will play some more and maybe I will get brave and make another hole... who knows!!!

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Anonymous said...

Bit scary setting it onlight! :-)