Saturday, September 20, 2008

Gill and Mark are here and I forgot my camera!

Since there are no pictures of the fun last night from me.. for that you have to go to Gill's blogs. I have a way too long list of places we might go, and will have to edit it severely but last week I ate with this guy.. You will have to excuse the fuzz, we were being "discrete New Yorkers" and I was facing the wrong way to be the photographer.

It was Mario Batali eating at his restaurant Otto. His website seems to be having problems, and my computer is warning me away, so I won't link, but if you have the food network, you know him. I don't really know what HE was having but we were having the Vongole pizza which has clams in the shell on the top and is to die for.
Here we had already removed the shells... I am just not good at remembering to take a picture first.

For dessert, I had the olive oil ice cream, and I would eat this every day if I could. It is combined here with the salty carmel or caramel... and it was good.

Lest you think that I was the only one eating dessert, this was the blackberry nectarine something or other that Joey ordered. How he keeps his shape? WAY too much exercise...sigh.

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