Friday, September 12, 2008

Harriet Homemaker

Hasn't been a "harriet homemaker" post here in a bit.
SO ...
Semolina bread from this book, which is the most used book in my cookbook library .. It is good, but the Main Recipe one is the best so far. It sure is pretty, though, isn't it?

And as a second course, we have this...Knit in wonderful cotton from Colourmart it is a little more refined but it is still the "warshrag" from the first Mason Dixon book. Colourmart, by the way, is a great source for cashmere and other interesting yarns, and at $15 including shipping for a huge cone of the cotton, it is a bargain too..

I love this book. It is one of those books that every time I go back to it I find something else to knit from it.

It is the source of my Bathroom Rug, which I remain very happy with and which Romeo is even happier with than I am. He spends a portion of each day just lounging about on the rug. He has such good taste.

SO.. there you are, I have turned into someone who knits washcloths and rugs for bathrooms and bakes her own bread. I can hardly wait for the new Mason Dixon book to arrive at Amazon. I am hoping my new Amazon credit rewards get here before it does!!!

Next I am going to start running the vacuum......or not. That might be a bridge too far, even for me.


Nicki said...

I'm probably going to make the focaccia on Sunday (are you coming?) and will take a picture for you to post, being that I'm blogless Nicki. That semolina looks great.

blackbird said...

I love that rug!

Gill said...

Now, you wouldn't happen to be going into homemaker mode because you have visitors coming, would you?

Because I happen to know that they would be sad if that was the case.

But they are interested in bread....and that book.....and can't wait for next weekend!

nadine said...

oh, lucky you ! you have Visitors ! i'm happy for you.

Love the photos.
Big hugs to your fuzzy ones.

nadine said...

what has come over me ?
i have just started to knit rectangular things. This has never happened to me before ! never !

How HAS this happened?

then - just last week - i bought the mason dixon book too.
Well, i'm so glad i did. It makes me laugh!

Did you back your bathroom rug in something Non-Slippy? i think you did, but maybe my memory is ... out to lunch.

jordiw said...

I didn't back it with anything because I turn it over and use both sides. It doesn't slip...or it hasn't so far.... but there isn't much place for it to go -- It is a very small bathroom!

It is also very heavy, so it sits on the floor heavily....if that helps (G)