Monday, December 8, 2008

Can't keep making creative excuses

for long silences because thinking up the creative excuse makes the silence even longer!

Sometimes I just spend some time wandering and thinking.  

If you check out the photo blog you will see I spent time on trains lately.  The images of the A train 81st Street Stop - Museum of Natural History  are different from the series I did a while ago on the same stop  

The first set of photos are from the uptown station, which is actually located above the downtown station.  The uptown is all tiles and pictures, 

the downtown 


is all about fossils and bones embedded into the walls.  The glowing doorway is the one that links the two stations.  These are the kind of stations that make New York so amazing.  There are some old stations that are barely hanging in there and then 5 stops away there is something like this.  

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