Friday, December 12, 2008

We are REALLY close to done here

I couldn't get the usual cat to pose for a size comparison, so I drafted Nadine's postcard to give you an idea of size.  It is as big as it is going to get but I think it will block out larger and also a bit smoother.  The weather has been raining for the last ......forever....days, and since I needed to stop and start building the ark, I took the pictures and declared myself nearly done.  Colors, however, are a little off due to the total lack of light.

Blocking however will wait til the hundreds of inches of applied i-cord are ....... applied, I guess.

Inches and inches.  Since I always do these things by the seat of my pants, I did a test and ripped it out using 2 strands, a different one using different size needles, yet another using 2 strands and a third needle size and a FOURTH try using one strand and bigger needles.  I finally settled on 2.75 mm needles and one strand of the cotton it was knitted with.  I am happy with it at last!!

Now all I have to do is make it all the way around and weave in a couple of ends that I didn't knit in as I went or didn't get all the way tucked in. 

The next pictures will be when it is blocked.  It has been an obsession and I am happy it is done.  I probably could have kept going but it works and I decided it was going to last forever if I didn't just STOP!!

Thanks again to Mason Dixon for the washcloth idea that started this madness!!


blackbird said...

It's very beautiful.

Gill said...

It's the biggest washcloth I've ever seen!!

(but if it keeps raining, that's what you might need?)

Very lovely and a real test of your stamina...tenacity...skill.

nadine said...

oh my goodness, i can't believe you're on the finishing already. SO impressive !
and oh, look. that's my postcard.
i'm honoured it gets to visit with THE blanket !