Tuesday, July 28, 2009

There are things blocking everywhere

This is Ishbel from Ysolda, and I did play with the pattern. Made it with sock yarn because I loved the color and once I got to the last lace pattern I just kept going til I had barely enough yarn left to bind off. It is a large scarf or a VERY small shawl. I will know better once I get it off the wires, but it sure did come out pretty...LOVE that color.

And then there is this which is another one of my subway scarves, I played with blocks, different sizes of squares with some spacing rows of yarn overs. This one is another one of the leftovers from the Mason Dixon dishcloth on steroids. A pale cream color. This is the aromatic cotton from Colourmart.com.
Color is not right in either picture, but ..it is going to rain yet AGAIN!! When did they move New York to England or Thailand or Seattle, and why didn't they tell me before it happened?
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blackbird said...

That dishcloth would look very nice around my shoulders!