Monday, March 15, 2010

doesn't look like a sweater.....

I know I said I was making a sweater for the knitting olympics but, similar to what happened in Vancouver, something intervened. In my case it wasn't weather but a lack of the right yarn .. perhaps I didn't train hard enough. I thought the yarn would get here in time but once it became apparent that it wasn't going to make it, I cast about for something else fun to knit.

Knitter's review had picked Cormo as the yarn of the month and I had some Cormo from Martha's Vineyard Fiber Farm, now Juniper Moon. It is lovely fat worsted and it suddenly seemed that since all it has done up here in the Northeast is snow and blow that fat warm mittens were a good idea, so here they are. I finished them in time for the closing ceremonies and so this is my olympic contribution.

The Cormo yarn is just lovely and soft and they are VERY warm. Of course, by the time I finished them the snow had gone and all that was left was wind, but it is still good to have them here and next year I will be ready. Send in global warming!
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