Monday, March 29, 2010

Moving right along


has become this
I got to the top of the sweater, having knit it in the round and in the process created steeks for the center and for each armhole. I was a nervous wreck when I sat down at the sewing machine to sew down either side of the steeks to be sure the stitches stayed together once I cut into the fabric I had knitted. I did this once before, but the last time I was using a nice grabby wool and it didn't feel so risky. This time the wool I am using is Superwash, so it won't grab itself and hold on, eeeerrrrrggggggg........
The edges look like this in the front and on each armhole
and if you look VERY closely you can see where I stitched it before cutting. Stitched it twice, actually. Sort of the belt and suspenders approach. Now I have to join the shoulders, knit the sleeves, knit the facings for the front and block it. I need a nap to fortify myself.
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Gill said...

Oh my, you are soooooo brave!

New look blog too? You have been busy!

jordiw said...

Or stupid, the results are still not all in.
As for the new look. I like it but I can't get the title to go to the right without all those dots. It won't "read" spaces, just ignores them. I am sure there has to be a way. This is one of the new looks in that I actually like...