Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Just off the blocking wires

Based on Evelyn Clark's Knitting Lace Triangles,  this is the second one I have done from this book. Done in Bluefaced Lester yarn from BlueMoon FiberArts that seems to be not sold anymore. It was called BFL Sport and was 661 yards to a skein. I overbought (WAY OVERBOUGHT) when I got it to use as the trim color for the red sweater which is NOW on the drying wires. I must have been asleep at the wheel because I bought 2 skeins. This shawl is 75 inches wide and 40 inches long and made from the "leftovers" from the sweater where I used it for the trim. I still have enough left for a small scarf ... by small I mean maybe 36 inches wide. I don't really regret the overage though, as this is a wonderful yarn and I love the color. It is one of the Raven Clan colors - Valkyrie. The beads are subtle but sparkle. I have another shawl documented but that is for tomorrow.

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nadine said...

oh my goodness but you've been so busy and productive.

The sketchbook project will be permanenty housed in Brooklyn! it's going on a tour too. i think it's most fun that there are many artists we know that are taking part. maybe by the time you see this, you'll have signed up too.
Hint: the brown, kraft paper covers take colour better than any others.

Gracia said...

Gosh! Such beautiful work. That particular pattern is one of my favourites. How rewarding to have achieved such a thing of beauty.