Monday, January 24, 2011

I'm Knitting Bling

The color is a little off, and I only have one ball of Artyarns Beaded Cashmere and Sequins which I just decided I NEEDED and of course I did not NEED but I am enjoying playing with it. There is not much of it in a skein so I am making a little cowl and just doing the pattern from the Yarn Harlot although I don't have enough to finish it I will do a couple of rows that will roll inward and call it a day before I completely run out. Bling is hard to see, but it is pretty and I have never knit with it before so when done and I can find a model I will show you the finished project. I bought it at the marketplace at the Vogue Knitting Live show that was at the NY Hilton this weekend. I just did the marketplace on Sat afternoon but it was great fun and I got to fondle a lot of yarn that I might have otherwise missed.
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Gill said...

v pretty. If you're knitting a cowl, won't those sequin scratch your delicate little neck? Or do you plan to wear it over something?

Just sayin....

Love the sketchbook btw