Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Art Journal with Contents Part 2

 Turning the page leads to this page.. The Volkswagon van in this picture was the second car I ever owned.  This is one that parks on my street every once in a while and every time I see it I smile.  So I finally took its portrait, since there don't seem to be any pictures of my long ago van in my albums anywhere.  Mine went through 4 rebuilt engines in the years I owned it, I would be driving along and all of a sudden there would be a bang and the whole weight of the van would drop onto the rear wheels.  I would drift to the side, hop out and go back there to open the engine cover door so that the inevitable puff of smoke would be let out and the soul of the engine would ascend to wherever they go.  I would get a ride home, call my shade tree mechanic and he would pick up the van and put in another engine and off we would go.  I loved that van.......
This is another page with a small page on top of it, and I turned this smaller page into a window and cut out the panes.  This is the spread opened out.

The van page close up

and with the window over it
The other side of this page is a collage of some plant material, orchid leaves and petals mostly

and with the window open over it:

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