Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Art Journal with contents

I have been working away at this little pamphlet stitch journal.  I talked about it earlier.. It is based on pages that I printed with my gelliplate that did not achieve "keepability".  I call them failed, but it has been pointed out to me that others might consider them fine, it was just that they didn't suit me when I pulled them... (thanks Dorothy)

So I folded most of them in the middle and stitched them together.  I am nearly done with the first little journal, I intend, when I have filled several to rebind them together as one, but they are easier to find unintimidating if they are short, so short they are.

I thought I would record a few pages over the next few days... so here is installment one.  I do NOT have a cover yet, so we start with pages 1 and 2:

Printed papers with collaged material, washi tape, builder's scrim, dried plant material (orchid leaves), a bit of stenciling, acrylic paint, metallic gold and flat.

The second set of pages are these:
 There is a flap of a shorter page between these two pages.   It is one of several smaller printed papers, that I made ages ago and added to the mix when I made up the books.  The flap on this side includes the Browning poem Pippas Song.  I thought the name was Pippa Passes, but maybe that is wrong..
 Page 3 without the flap
 Page 3 with the flap on top of it
 Page 4
Page 4 with the flap over it.

The pages interacting with the flaps have been a challenge at times, not always a big success, but interesting to play with none the less.  

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dorothyag.com said...

It's good to see it progressing. I just had to go off nd check the poem too! :-)