Tuesday, September 2, 2014

I strayed a bit

from posting pages from my journal, and I have a bunch of before and after shots to share if it ever gets light enough in my studio to take photos... in the interim, this is the back cover.  It is not where it is going to be, but just as a record, this is my dad at probably 19 or 20 (around 1929 or 1930) when he was a steward on a cruise ship.  He has on his white waiter jacket, and I transferred the picture using a laser print and a Purell transfer.  I also painted the whole page with buff titanium gesso which is NOT as richly colored as it appears here.

More tomorrow or the next day when the weather clears.  I have a minor knitting addiction withdrawal going.  I knitted so much that my hands are addicted.  They assume they are going to be knitting every time I sit down and as a result are not happy doing anything else. They don't want to hold books or the Kindle. I may have to start another pair of socks just to keep my hands happy...

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Gill said...

You've blogged so many lovely things of late...hope you heard me ooohing and aaahing, because I couldn't comment from my tablet :-( So, making up for it here and marvelling at the gorgeous photo and wondering what on earth they ordered cheese sandwiches for when they were in that posh restaurant?!
Loved the baby blanket...loved the memory book even more. Shame they are so far away, eh?