Monday, September 15, 2014

The Second part of the completed journal

I was going to try to collage the before and afters but it just got too complex, so here we go with the last half of the art journal.

Pages 22 and 23 now look like this.  I blogged about the origihal version of page 23 here

I added the woman as an image transfer, as I did the menu from 1929.  The images and the original menu came from things I found in my father's stash of saved stuff. 

Pages 24 and 25 look like this ...

 This is the other half of the stenciled face that is the background for page 13.
and page 25 was originally blank.  I played with it for a long time.  The text is from an old falling-apart copy of Jane Eyre that I have used for a lot of things since I found it.  I have made found poetry from some of the pages and it made me go back and read the original when I realized how much I loved the book.  I still have the cover from this ruin of a copy and it may eventually get used somewhere. The falling asterisks are presstype lettering. I have a bunch of sheets and love the punctuation as much as the letters. 

Page 26
started as a gelliprint that I have worked back into  with pencils, watercolor and collage, including gilded builder's scrim and really just played with. 

This is 26 and 27 and a  view of how 27  blends in with page 29

page 29 changed as documented here and now looks like this with page 28 which I also tried integrating into 26. I am not sure this works any better than page 16.

Pages 30 and 33 were the pages that did not go together easily.   Pages 32 and 33 started out looking like this:

and ended looking like this

Page 30, on the right below, never set well.  I felt like I had thrown the kitchen sink at it and it never got anywhere I liked and I kept staring at it. and not liking it. 

Now it looks like this

It got there by peeling the whole thing back and starting again and used gesso, tape transfers and Purell transfers.

Pages 34 and 35 have changed about  10 times. This is the first picture I have.  They were two Gelliprints butted up against each other and I added some stencils and stamps, but they never looked right to me. They are half of pages 2 and 3. 
Then it got to this:
and now it looks like this.  This is where it is going to stay. You can see bits of the print still and I am liking the tape transfer effect. 

and, finally... if anyone is still out there besides me...
the back cover, at one point looked like this. Though it never really looked like that because the color was way off, but in any case, it now looks like this..

and now I can start to play with a new journal.  I am SO glad I documented this one and I certainly learned a lot doing it...
1. Keeping the total number of pages small
2. Not feeling that I had to work sequentially,
3. Not using anything just because I had it and could use it
4. Trying things out and letting it sit a bit before totally committing
5. Never stopping looking through it until I really declared it done 
were the most useful lessons for me.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jordi, Just had a great time looking through all of these pages. Old and new and it is great to see the progression. I'm very impressed with all the lovely work you have achieved.
Thank you so much for sharing it.