Saturday, July 4, 2015

I have a new addiction.....Like I needed another one!!

I have always loved Fountain Pens and I have millions of them.  Well, maybe 10. Some have Italic nibs in a variety of sizes and some are normal nibs, also in a variety of sizes.  I was doing some of the eternal project.... AKA cleaning the studio... and I found many of the pens several months ago and put them all together in one box. 

Then I discovered Goulet Pens!  Anyone who has read this blog for a while knows that I have the attention span of a squirrel.  I have bottles of half used ink that are older than my grown up son.. I loved the color once or twice as I filled a pen, but by the third time I was ready for a new color.  Just look at all the ink colors in the picture above... there are 4 different colors there.  Now look at the next picture....

Every one of those little vials contains enough ink to fill a pen 2 or even 3 times.  Each one is labeled... not by me... and each is a DIFFERENT COLOR... my squirrel mind is SO happy!

In addition to tons of great looking fountain pens (I did buy one already but seriously I don't need more pens.)  the Goulet site does something else which is more exciting to me: Goulet sells samples of their inks, 

They sell sample clusters so those with a more scientific/organized bent can compare similar colors from different manufacturers or explore staff favorites or see all the colors of a particular brand. 

 They sell a subscription where each month for 10 dollars, (15 outside the US) you get 5 samples based on a theme that is different each month.

 And then, for the squirrel minded, they offer choose your own samples, make a list and we will send you as many samples as you want for about $1.00ish each.  They have 600 inks and they seem to have samples of most of them, or maybe all of them, I am not sure, but I am delighted. When I run out of  samples I just order more.  

I have ordered other things fountain pen related from them too.  I got a new nib for my Lamy pen that had an original nib that was just too fine, It now writes in Italics. I did order one full bottle of ink, but I still haven't opened it so it may be my last bottle of ink.  They have an ink with gold speckles in it...  They have scented ink and they draw with ink and various pen combos on their blog and show you the result.  I have ABSOLUTELY no association with these guys but I was looking at the box of sample vials and I got to thinking that there may be others who want a box of their own...

So now I have facilitated you into more stuff for your art....Did I mention they have inks that are not water soluble?  Oh blast, another sample on the wish list....  

Have a great Fourth of July those of you in the US!

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