Monday, November 2, 2015

Hello out there...

I know it has been a while, but there are not excuses in blogging... at least in my version of blogging!  I have done a bit of wandering around New York.. there was a good show at the Met.  And this lovely viewer provided such a nice pose..

I have "finished" my fourth journal, and it has left me with no prepared books to move on to and so I have sort of stalled up.  I have been reading, some of it interesting and some of it not so much.  I'll do a bit of a report of that soon.  I also have the completed pages of the 4th book to show, so there is that also coming up.

Today is it just an "I'm back" note to start the month of November off.

Also November is the month that I solicit pictures from the Spanish Water Dog Club and make a calendar for the next year.  Last year's calendar looked like this . You can click on the see pages link and get a view of each month's page if you want.  I take pictures from club members, so they are a very mixed bag of quality, but it is fun to do.  The Club gets all the profits, it is just a labor of love on my part.  And I own November's stars.

I'll try not to disappear for quite this long again.  As for the stylish viewer above, she was joined later by a not so stylish  companion:
Isn't that just New York City in a nutshell?

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