Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Journal Pages -- Book 4, Pages 1 and 2

As history.... I created 4 "books" out of gelatin prints I made while playing with a home made gelatin plate.  I made a lot of prints just playing, some came out in ways that I liked, others not so much.  I was left with a bunch of prints that weren't "keepers" as they were, so I sewed them down the middle and made them into books. If you search this blog for "journal" you can see a lot of the first 3 books.  This is the last one and I am going to go through it showing "before" and "after" so I will have a record.

This is the first page spread.  Since I only did gelatin prints on one side, there are blank pages interspersed with half prints.  Makes a bit of a challenge.

I don't work on the pages in sequence, so I can't really tell you when this was done.  It hung around for a long time, and I am not sure how well it resolved but this is how it ended up:

and these are close ups of the two pages.  I think they will blow up bigger if you click on them.

Bits and pieces about what I did.. the image in the center is a MOO card that I made several years ago.  The info on the back had totally changed, but I just couldn't make myself throw out the picture. It's a miniature of a photo I took of the view from my parent's porch in upstate New York.  

I discovered that with appropriate use of fingernails you can peel the MOO cards apart and be left with the picture on a fairly thin background.  AHA!!  You will see more of this further on in the book. 

I found some architectural drawings in the trash somewhere and this background is one..
More tomorrow....

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